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This wonderful dresser presents an elegant but simple Mid-century design. The edges of the furniture are radiated to soften its profile.

The work done by hand by our cabinetmakers, provides dimensions, textures and finishes, which finally transmit to the furniture, its excellent quality, elegance, personality.

Handmade in Spain with great passion.


This wonderful dresser presents an elegant but simple Mid-century design. The edges of the furniture are radiated to soften its profile. Handmade in Spain from planks of American solid wood of the highest quality.American solid oak. American solid walnut.

The white colored surfaces are lacquered plywood wood.

The exposed wood surfaces are in solid wood, except for the drawer bottoms and back panel, which are in natural veneer. The sides and bottoms of the drawers are made of solid beech to highlight the color contrast. When the finish is oak or walnut, the sides are in the same wood too.

Solid brass metal leg ends


- Length 36" in / 91.4 cm

- Deep 18.23" in / 46.3 cm 

- Height without legs  26.14" in / 66.4 cm 

- Total height 34.02" in / 86.4 cm 


- Width 34.58" in / 87.8 cm 

- Deep 15.28" in / 38.8 cm 

- Height  8,19" in / 20,8 cm  

- Approx. weight in walnut: 114.64 lb / 52 kg

- Approx. weight in oak: 132.28 lb / 60 kg


Our furniture is made with selected solid woods of certified FAS quality origin, AMERICAN HARD WOOD
We use planks in their maximum width Woods Solid American Oak Solid American Walnut Upholstered We use high quality Spanish leather If you want to customize the fabric please choose in Guel Lamadrid, and tell us your selection.


Our furniture is finished with the latest generation of linseed-based oil that forms a molecular bond with the fibers of the wood surface. It preserves the natural look and feel of the wood. It does not contain water or solvents. It is eco-friendly, 0% Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission. The oil has received numerous certifications, including its production and recycling that make it environmentally friendly, contributes to a healthy indoor environment, meets the standards for safe application on wooden toys and food contact (Food Contact Compliant).

Treated surfaces are easy to maintain, and isolated scratches or damaged areas are very easy to repair.


Wipe as necessary with a soft cloth following the grain pattern, after removing possible abrasive dust particles. Wipe it periodically with a damp cloth. Dry immediately with a soft cloth following the wood grains. Remove stains with a mild mixture of water and detergent. Furniture should not be subjected to excessive humidity, heat or direct sunlight. If the wood seems dry or whitish, apply any commercial wood oil, better transparent or yellow for oak. Also apply oil to metal parts to prevent rust. When the oil is applied to the wood, the necessary amount is absorbed, remove the excess oil with a dry cloth after a few hours.


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