We use wood from cultivated and certified renewable forests, producing reusable waste in agriculture and livestock. We use an ecological oil finish with no emission of polluting particles.


Along with working with the very best designers and the finest materials, Manuel Barrera Habitables has a long-standing commitment to driving sustainable development.

During every step of the production process, we are working to create both big picture strategies and simple, everyday solutions that help us care for people and for the planet. From investing in the most modern and energy efficient equipment to the ambitious goals we set for our production practices, we are striving to leave behind nothing but beautiful furniture and a legacy of uncompromising craftsmanship.


Social responsibility and sustainable design play a large part in our process, we are happy to share our procedures and results.



Every bunk of lumber that comes through our doors has been responsibly and sustainably sourced in the US. We need our ecosystems to stay healthy so trees can continue to grow, and keep our air clean by soaking up carbon. We partner with suppliers who share our values, and put ecosystems first.

Juglans nigra


It has light to dark chocolate brown tones, and provides strength, hardness and durability without excessive weight. Its generally a straight grained wood, with the occasional swirl or curly grain. Unlike most woods that darken with age UV exposure, walnut will eventually turn a lighter shade. Please be mindful of this when purchasing pieces that will receive direct sunlight.

Quercus Alba

White Oak

White Oak has a light brown, blonde appearance and is naturally water-resistant. This wood is very hard, durable, heavy and coarse-grained. When the goal is peace and calm, we go for white oak. There is something rather serene about the golden tones and the waves of grain

Acer rubrum


We use a hard, white maple that has a light, more consistent tone than some varieties. It's similar to Oak regarding sturdiness, shock resistance and weight. With its diffused, smaller pores, it has a smooth even tone.


Cherry is a strong, fine-grained hardwood, displaying pink undertones that may occasionally contain small brown pith flecks. Its rich coloring will eventually darken with UV exposure, giving it a silky, dark patina. We like to pair items made of cherry with black accents. The versatility and warmth will be a welcome addition to your home.



We personally oversee the work of the pattern cutters, seamstresses, and upholsterers. It is this expertise that allows us to achieve precise tailoring and deep comfort on such a diverse portfolio of upholstered products.


Manuel Barrera Habitables expertise ensures that the quality of our upholstery meets the same exacting standards as that of our woodworking.